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A Portrait of Vincent

$950.00 CAD


I created this strange portrait as part of an exhibition in 2011 celebrating the life of Vincent Price on his 100th birthday (curated by Rue Morgue Magazine) . The creative objective was to choose and depict a favourite version of Vincent Price. Though there were practically 100's of roles to choose from (Dracula, Dr. Frakenstein, Dr. Death....), I found that I couldn't shake this peculiar image of Vincent Price as an owl. It haunted me. And so, I painted him as I imagined him... a kind of spirit owl.

That summer I was attending a convention in Toronto and I brought the piece with me. Vincent's daughter, Victoria Price, was also attending the show to do a lecture on her father and happened to pass by my booth. After chatting a little, she picked up the painting and asked me; "Why an owl?". I was a little embarrassed that I didn't have a solid reason and told her that it was just how he appeared to my mind's eye. She responded with a contemplative smile and told me that the day after her father had passed away, her brother had recounted a dream of an owl that seemed to be watching over him. 

"And here he is, it seems once again..."

It was a wonderful personal detail that she had shared with me and to this day I haven't forgotten. I asked her to sign the front of the piece, but she insisted on signing the back instead (she didn't want to 'ruin' the image) and added her own little doodle of her father's profile as well. 

I packed the piece up, thrilled that I now had Victoria's signature to go with it. I also felt that the piece needed some more attention now that Victoria had been added to it. 

Earlier this year, I had an little accident in my studio when a bat skeleton fell from my collection and broke into several pieces... UGH! What would I do with all of these bones? And that's when I remembered that my "Vincent Price" was still waiting for it's final touch! What better way to finish the piece up than to spell Vincent's name in bat bones and hide it into the environment...(see the video below). 

This original mixed media piece on wood was created with acrylic paint, pencil, gold foil, image transfer, real butterfly wings and the real bones of a bat skeleton. It is contained within a beautiful floating wood frame imported from Spain. It is protected with a glossy varnish that really emphasizes the gold foil on the surface in the way if reflects the light. 

Frame Size: 11.75" X 9.75" 
Image Size:  10" X 8" 

The shipping and handling is included in the price (internationally), and will have a tracking number to go with it. The piece will be packed with tender loving care and will be cocooned and protected with several layers of bubble wrap and cardboard.

Free shipping on all orders within Canada and the U.S.


A giclée print is created with special fade-resistant archival inks and printed on acid free textured paper stock. They are also known as museum quality prints since they have a similar life span as most original water colors (depending, of course, on the lighting conditions). Each piece is hand titled and signed by the artist in pencil. If you are a collector and want this work to retain it's value (or more), this is your best option. All of my giclée prints are printed in LIMITED EDITIONS. 


A limited edition means that there are only a certain number of prints created. The specific number of the edition is identified in the bottom left hand corner of each piece. 


An open edition means that there is no set number of prints created.


All orders will be packed and shipped within 3 days of your purchase. Shipping times may vary but normally you will receive your package within 2 weeks of shipping. For international orders without a tracking number it can take 2-6 weeks.


If the work is larger than 10" by 10" it will be carefully packed in an acid free slip and rolled into a super hefty kraft tube. If it's smaller than 10" by 10" it will be packed between 2 very thick pieces of cardboard and mailed flat*.

*if you have bought a large print AND a smaller print, then both pieces will be shipped in the same tube, unless one of those items is a giclée miniature, then both items will be sent flat OR separately (at no extra cost to you).