What is a Poster Print?

These are open edition prints printed on high quality and thick heavy weight paper. Each print is signed by yours truly in silver ink.

What is a Giclée Print?

A giclée print is created with special fade-resistant archival inks and printed on acid free textured paper stock. They are also known as museum quality prints since they have a similar life span as most original water colors (depending, of course, on the lighting conditions). Each piece is hand titled and signed by the artist in pencil. If you are a collector and want this work to retain it's value (or more), this is your best option. All of my giclée prints are printed in LIMITED EDITIONS. 

What is a limited edition?

A limited edition means that there are only a certain number of prints created. The specific number of the edition is identified in the bottom left hand corner of each piece. 

Should I buy a Poster Print or a Giclée print? What's the best way to go?

First off, let me say this, BOTH types of prints look fantastic! In terms of color and detail, you won't be disappointed. I personally go through all of the prints and make sure that I'm happy with each them. Having said that, it really depends you. Which of the following persona's reflect you the most?

THE AVID COLLECTOR ~ I want the work that I purchase to be special in some way or another. I'm the type of person who notices the fine details, and I expect my collection of work to be numbered and limited. Each purchase is an investment for me and I accommodate my budget to consider those investments. I also like knowing that I'm supporting the artist by purchasing top of the line pieces. I also love knowing that the work that I buy could go up in value. IF THIS RESONATES WITH YOU, YOU SHOULD CONSIDER PURCHASING FROM THE GICLEE COLLECTION.

THE PATRON ON A BUDGET ~ I love the work and I'd prefer to have my dollar go a long way! As long as the work is signed, I'm happy to support the artist and fill my walls up at the same time. Don't get me wrong, quality is still important to me, and I expect that these prints are printed on top of the line paper stock. I'm happy knowing I can support the artist and still be able to curate several pieces of his work to suit my home. IF THIS RESONATES WITH YOU, YOU SHOULD CONSIDER PURCHASING FROM THE POSTER PRINT COLLECTION.

Why do the Giclée Prints cost more? 

They cost more because there are only a certain number of these pieces printed and the process to create them is much more expensive. The depth of color and detail of these prints will put a big smile on any collectors face. 

I'm concerned about framing costs! Which prints are the most cost effective to frame? 

If you are looking for a cheap, yet striking option, I would consider purchasing any of the square print series or giclée miniatures. I've designed them specifically to fit perfectly inside IKEA Ribba frames which are available in both black and white options. Simply remove the current matte that the frame comes with, and replace it with the square poster print OR the matted miniature. The frames are only $9.99 each and are perfect for creating a series of prints on a wall. 

Go to IKEA.com and plug in these codes in "search" to find the frames:

BLACK RIBBA FRAME ( 9" x 9" or 23 cm x 23 cm ): 000.780.51
WHITE RIBBA FRAME ( 9" x 9" or 23 cm x 23 cm ): 000.780.32

How long does it take for me to get my order?

All orders will be packed and shipped within 48 hours of your purchase. Shipping times may vary but normally you will receive your package within 2 weeks of shipping. For international orders without a tracking number it can take 2-6 weeks.

How is the work shipped? 

If the work is larger than 10" by 10" it will be carefully packed in an acid free slip and rolled into a super hefty kraft tube. If it's smaller than 10" by 10" it will be packed between 2 very thick pieces of cardboard and mailed flat*.

*if you have bought a large print AND a smaller print, then both pieces will be shipped in the same tube, unless one of those items is a giclée miniature, then both items will be sent flat OR separately (at no extra cost to you).

Do I get a tracking number with my order?

Canada & United States: A tracking number goes with all orders of $20 and more. Standard shipping for orders that are less than $20. 

International Orders: Standard shipping for all orders, unless you have a purchase of $200 and up (then I add a tracking number).