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The Wild Hunt (Mixed Media)

$650.00 CAD

This is a very unique work that was designed specifically to be the cover image for Johnny Hollow's track "The Wild Hunt ~ Isolation Mix".  I usually work digitally when creating album artwork, however in this case, during the covid 19 pandemic, I wanted to get my hands dirty and create something away from my computer and away from all the crazy streaming news that it seemed to be hustling me. 

For JH fans, this is a one of a kind piece that uses an old 45 record on wood board as backdrop for mixing the following media;  acrylic paint, beehive pulp, india ink,  mummified frog, rusted metal and original photography using special image transfer techniques.

Um... mummified frog???

Yes and there's a story here. I've been holding onto this frog ever since I've been 16 and recently discovered it again carefully put away in a teeny tiny box. When I was a kid, I had a fresh water aquarium that was home to an African dwarf frog amongst a school of guppies. Side note ~ African Dwarf frogs are completely aquatic... One day my frog just disappeared! Gone!!! Months later I found that the frog had crawled out of the tank and into a vent where he basically mummified himself into a little petrified fossil. He is now perfectly preserved in the varnish of this work as a subtle detail in the shadow of this very strange portrait. 

This piece is a reflection of how I see today's "wild hunt". In the days of old, this European myth known as "Wilde Jagd" was a warning to anyone who came across a group of phantoms, monsters, fairies and gods who ran in chase of something... to see them was an omen of plague or war... Today... to me... "the wild hunt" comes in the form of a group of untrustworthy leaders who care more about their perception and influence than their ability to help and make a real positive difference in our world. In my minds eye, I imagine their ego billowing smoke-like horns from their temples. It's an image I haven't been able to shake as of late... which is why this piece reads like a an old propaganda poster.

This piece is ready to hang and protected by varnish which does not require glass. Having said that,  a floating wood frame would be the best way to present this work. This piece also comes with an official certificate of authenticity that is signed by yours truly, as well as hand written lyrics of the song "The Wild Hunt" on the back of the work. 

Image Size / Wooden Canvas: 8" X 8" x 1.5" inches

The shipping and handling is included in the price (internationally), which will be packed with tender loving care and will be boxed and protected with several hard layers of cardboard not to mention a multitude of bubble wrap. It will include a tracking number. 

LOCAL PICK UP: If you would like to drop by the studio to pick this up locally, you can save $75 from the listed price. Contact me at to make arrangements. 

Free shipping on all orders within Canada and the U.S.


A giclée print is created with special fade-resistant archival inks and printed on acid free textured paper stock. They are also known as museum quality prints since they have a similar life span as most original water colors (depending, of course, on the lighting conditions). Each piece is hand titled and signed by the artist in pencil. If you are a collector and want this work to retain it's value (or more), this is your best option. All of my giclée prints are printed in LIMITED EDITIONS. 


A limited edition means that there are only a certain number of prints created. The specific number of the edition is identified in the bottom left hand corner of each piece. 


An open edition means that there is no set number of prints created.


All orders will be packed and shipped within 3 days of your purchase. Shipping times may vary but normally you will receive your package within 2 weeks of shipping. For international orders without a tracking number it can take 2-6 weeks.


If the work is larger than 10" by 10" it will be carefully packed in an acid free slip and rolled into a super hefty kraft tube. If it's smaller than 10" by 10" it will be packed between 2 very thick pieces of cardboard and mailed flat*.

*if you have bought a large print AND a smaller print, then both pieces will be shipped in the same tube, unless one of those items is a giclée miniature, then both items will be sent flat OR separately (at no extra cost to you).