Illyana (no matte)

Illyana (no matte)


A Curious Collection of Monstrous Tinies...

Don't FUCK with Illyana... Seriously. Her incredible beauty may lure brutes, heroes and monsters of all kinds... but her cunning and brazenness is her real power. Nothing can stop her. 

This mini is actually a maquette for a larger digital painting that I'm currently working on, but I thought I'd release her now to take charge of the other monstrous tinies as they've been getting a little out of hand as of late. 

This piece will fit perfectly within an Ikea Ribba matte & frame (which will bring your overall framing cost down to $7.99 per frame). It is the perfect framing solution if you decide to buy more than one of these prints to hang as a series.

This giclée print was created using archival pigment inks, and is printed on fine heavyweight, museum quality paper.

Each print is signed and numbered by Vincent Marcone and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Limited run of 25!

Paper Size: 6 X 6 inches