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Moonwalk Music Video

SYNOPSIS: A modern day fairytale about a young boy in Ghana who is confronted by a strange spirit animal as he harvests precious bits of copper from a toxic mound of electronic waste.

WORDS FROM THE DIRECTOR: "Our music video took shape after reading about one of the most toxic landscapes in the world, a digital landfill in Africa known as Agbogbloshie. At it's core, "Moonwalk" is a modern-day fairytale about a "burner boy" in Ghana who is confronted by a strange kind of spirit animal as he harvests copper from a heap of electronic waste." says director Vincent Marcone.

WORDS FROM THE BAND:  "Laptops, phones, computers…where do they all end up?" asks drummer Jerry Clews. This is the question the band asked themselves when contemplating the subject matter for this video. Clews goes on to say "I think it's something like 800 laptops a minute that are disposed of globally, that are then shipped off to be 'recycled' in countries like Asia and Africa. The tech waste is dumped into landfills and burned. The release of heavy metals and dioxins pollute the air, water and soil and make community sustainability nearly impossible. We felt it was important to bring this crisis, and the devastation it imparts on all living beings and the planet, to the forefront."

PROCESS: The film was created by mixing classic stop motion animation with a variety of digital techniques. The background world was meticulously painted by the director himself. 

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