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NOT Your Grandmothers Pillows!

NOT Your Grandmothers Pillows!

For the first time ever I have branched into the world of decorative pillows with a few pieces that lend particularly well to being both a shadowy hint to whatever room they inhabit, while also being the silken nest on which to rest any a monster’s head.

It's been a bit of a journey trying to find quality pillow samples for my work. More often then not, the fabric didn't have the right feel or the image wasn't as sharp as I had expected. I have to say that I’m now super happy with the quality of print and feel of each pillow. They will arrive to your door step perfectly stuffed and the image is as sharp as any high quality art print! It should be noted that there is a very slight satin-y iridescence that I find especially cool and is particularly noticeable on the backside of the pillow where I've designed a black on black MPS diamond shaped logo pattern: 

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