Welcome to my Scarecrow Game


MAC users -> need to use CHROME or SAFARI
PC users -> (PC, Android, etc) need to use CHROME or EDGE
TABLET users -> (Android, Ipad) need to use CHROME or EDGE or SAFARI
PHONE users -> Currently does not work on small mobile devices

1) This game was originally designed in flash, although there are a couple fo dead links, it is completely playable. The scoreboard, however, no longer tracks high score players.
2) Although this game works on mobile devices, it is best played with larger screens. It works very well on an ipad with the apple pencil. 
3) If you see a big black square, you are using a browser that does not work with "A Murder of Scarecrows". Try another one. 
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"A Murder of Scarecrows"  © 2007 Vincent Marcone/My Pet Skeleton 
Created & designed by Vincent Marcone & Tomasz Dysinsky